IPTV Reseller Program

Corporate Solution

Xtream UI Official Panel with bonuses.

Want to become an KINGSMAN IPTV Reseller?

Become a reseller of IPTV subscriptions and earn extra income with our IPTV premium service. Our offers are great and your customers will never be disappointed.

We will provide you a Dashboard to be able to easily add, manage, activate and extend IPTV subscriptions of your customers, once you receive an IPTV reseller order, we will communicate with you by Phone, Whatsapp or email to train you on the use of our management interface.

Access your dashboard from any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer ..etc)
With the Reseller dashboard you can take advantage of the following:

1.Create subscription lines easily in seconds with a username and a generated password.

2.Add personalized notes for your customers (Example: Phone numbers, Email, Surname and first name .. etc)

3.Assign a package to each client according to the duration they ordered (12-24 hours Free IPTV Trial, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months)

4.Edit, pause, stop and extend each of the IPTV subscriptions in one click.

5.Visualize the activities of your customers (see the chains he looks in real time, view the statistics of use..etc)

6.Generate m3u links in all formats according to the device used by your customers (simple m3u, m3u_plus, ENIGMA2 installation script …)

7.Add MAG subscriptions easily, just using the customer MAC address and the portal URL.

8.Create and config Brand and DNS.

9.Provide free Trial 12 & 24 hour tests per day for customers to test iptv service.

You can provide also Reseller dashboard [sub-Reseller].
also In this dashboard [sub-Reseller] service available.
About DNS:

if you still did not registred the mentioned domain, we can the buy the domain for you update the name-server of your DNS domain can Email us. this address will be used as default DNS for your sub-resellers and if you do not use any dns the default dns for you and your sub-resellers will be set on our server do not use “http://” or “www.” or port number for your DNS

About Sub-Reseller Service:
You can increase the credit of sub-Resellers on modify form. You can sell credits to your sub-Resellers with your own price .

You are gonna loss 3 crediting each new sub-Reseller

>>please pay attention<<

Dashboards and existing credits do not expire If you do not use the dashboard Credits can remain in the dashboard And will not be lost.


*1 connection [account]

1 Month – 6 credit |

3 Month – 15 credit |

6 Month – 25 credit |

12 Month – 45 credit |

To purchase an IPTV Dashboard you can contact us using the following methods.

Free Test For Reseller

It's Free once only

Free Trial Click Here
Demo Tessting Reseller Panel

user: demo- pass :demo

Using Demo Click Here
Paypal Account

Please for getting Paypal Account send us an Email to : Kingsman.iptv@gmail.com


Please Pay Attention our Refund Policy will not be included for Reseller and Restream and Paypal payment method must be with friend and family (without note).So before buying our service get a trial test then make decision.

Contact us right now:

Email : Kingsman.iptv@gmail.com

Skype : Kingsman.IPTV

WhatsApp : +1 (313) 415 -1029